"When I go about writing a song I want to convey a message that there is something beyond this earth. There is this beautiful mystery rising above the everyday earthly sorrow that we all endure here. I want to touch a person's spirit when I play, and I feel that music has that power. If I am able to reach one person then I've done what I came to this world to do." Kristina was born on the Micronesian island of Agana, Guam in the little villiage of Oka, Tamuning on November 25th, Thanksgiving day. Born to Johnny Sablan, a 100% native Chamorro of Guam, and Bruni Parello, of half Sicilian, half Lebanese decent. Kristina's father is a singer/songwriter/ producer, and cultural activist of Guam. His years and contributions of keeping the culture of the Island alive through song, are appreciated and respected among the indigenous people of the island and beyond. Her mother BRUNI, is an Internationally renowned portrait painter and has an immense body of work. She made certain that Kristina had the background in Jazz music by taking her to many shows where Kristina would watch her mother sketch the musicians. She saw and met many of the greats like Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Sonny Rollins, Abbey Lincoln, Shirley Horn and many more. Kristina grew up in a home that upheld a strong respect and discipline for the arts. "There was much music and laughter in my early years with my parents in Hollywood. They were often entertaining friends at fun gatherings where we would all sit around and sing and play music." As the years passed, Kristina and her parents moved up to Northern California where Kristina spent most of her childhood and teenage years learning classical piano from her grandmother. Moving on as an adult, singing, writing songs, attending the open mic circuits, and performance, took up much of her time, as well as learning to play the guitar properly. "I felt I needed to hone in on the craft of songwriting that I love so much, and that required studying the great songwriters from every genre." "I have been very influenced by Jazz and the Bossa Nova music of Brazil, from my mother, mixed with the Island/Country sounds of my fathers music from Guam, throw in a ton of classical composers as well as 70's radio, mix that with R&B Soul, Motown, Classic standards, and you have my background in what I grew up listening to". Kristina has one independently released CD ' A PRAYER', and is now working on her next second full length album titled 'The Song Has A Life Of It's Own'. Stay tuned for more information on the release of this CD.