First part of campaign ended!

Thank you to every one of you who have donated to the making of my 2nd full length CD 'The Song Has A Life Of Its Own'. The first part of the campaign has now ended, and while I did not reach my goal amount for a full album, I will be continuing on another phase of this campaign to keep raising funds! I will send a link to you when the new phase of the campaign has started. All together we have raised $1,063.00 (minus fees), and I will have enough to start in the studio. I will keep sending you updates on the progress of this as it is being recorded. I am working on fulfilling all of the perks that are coming to you. Some of the perks that list a signed copy of the full album 'The Song Has A Life Of Its Own', might have to wait until this album is finished to receive this. I will however send you a signed full length copy of my first CD 'A Prayer' as a place holder for the NEW CD coming! I am really excited about the making of this album and I WILL succeed!! Stay tuned for more news about the forthcoming campaign to continue on this album. And once again, I am so touched and honored to have had your support to make this dream come true. I won't let you down, as you will see so much more coming in the near future from me musically. Much Love and Gratitude, Kristina